RE: docbook and RDF

Thanks Jirka.  This is an intriguing idea.  I've ended up at the W3C
note on "Harvesting RDF Statements from XLinks" [1] so I'll see where
that takes me.  I'm a little concerned about limiting my ability to use
xlink for other purposes but this may be ok in my scenario.  Thanks



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> Johnson, Matthew C. (LNG-HBE) wrote:
> > Does docbook (XML) support constructs similar to those of RDFa (for
> > XHTML) that allows one to assign subject/predicate/object
information to
> > [inline] content?  If so, could you provide some examples (or links
> > examples) on how to do this?  It seems like this should be doable
with a
> > few additional global attributes but I don't want to re-invent the
> > wheel.  Thanks!
> You can use several XLink attributes on almost any element, that
> give you even more power then RDFa.
> elements.html#common.linking.attributes
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