j. van den hoff | 17 Apr 12:25 2012

how to pass arguments to browser (e.g. lynx) with `a2x -f text -- lynx ...'


it seems not possible to pass arguments along to the browsers defined by  
the variable `LYNX' (and `W3M') in `a2x.conf' directly in the `a2x' call  
(similar to, e.g., ` --dblatex-opts'), so I tried to edit `a2x.conf' like

LYNX = "lynx -nolist -width=80"

but this does not work since `a2x' explicitly double-quotes the `LYNX'  
variable when constructing the call, so `LYNX' is treated as a command  
name containing blanks (which is not found).
I removed this quoting in a copy of a2x (version 8.6.6, line 768-9) like

  cmd = "%s -dump %s > %s" % (LYNX, html_file, text_file)

which then works just fine.


-- is the quoting there for an important reason (e.g. to support command  
names actually containing blanks)?
-- if there is such a reason (which I presume is the case), it would be  
nice to have an additional argument `--lynx-opts' and (`--w3m-opts'?) to  
pass along arguments to the browser.
-- if the quoting actually is superfluous it should be removed so that  
definitions of `LYNX' including arguments would work in `a2x.conf'.

best regards,

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