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From: James Cummings <James.Cummings <at> IT.OX.AC.UK>
Subject: Re: AW: Embedded transcription and text structure
Newsgroups: gmane.text.tei.general
Date: Wednesday 5th February 2014 12:18:27 UTC (over 4 years ago)
On 05/02/14 11:56, Lou Burnard wrote:
> I find it slightly surprising though that no-one has yet proposed
> permitting ,  and friends to appear within 
> as an alternative to  
. That would seem a neater way of > having your cake and eating it than any of the proposals so far > made. For some reason that worries me. Perhaps as a muddying of the waters even further? It would require changing the content model of zone significantly to make it useful, wouldn't it? And then those additional elements would also be available in sourceDoc and facsimile. I usually don't try to rely on slippery slope arguments but.... ;-) I am involved with projects which simultaneously wish to prioritise a page-by-page view of their materials rather than the overall intellectual structure but also wish to do encoding at an interpretative level. However for these projects I've usually followed the Guidelines and encoded the interpretative structure and then only as part of the publication process split things by page breaks to a page by page rendering of the material. This is not an incredibly difficult change of hierarchy (though I do recommend those doing it customise their TEI ODD by restricting where can appear to simplify potential problems). To do this simple change in hierarchy I use a variation on the 'processpb.xsl' stylesheet which the TEI-C provides: https://github.com/TEIC/Stylesheets/blob/master/tools/processpb.xsl Similarly, and more germane to this discussion, those who wish to encode both the interpretative view and non-interpretative view needn't manually transcribe everything twice. If I was doing that I would transcribe the view and then when happy with the overall structure I would write some XSLT to generate (grouping by

, , , etc.) the content of and elements in the sourceDoc. While this doesn't finish the job (i.e. no coordinates and other editing) it could provide xml:id-based links between the sections in the with those in and a good starting point. I've not written a stylesheet to do this, but if anyone has, please do make it publicly available and openly licensed. Thanks, -James -- Dr James Cummings, [email protected] Academic IT Services, University of Oxford

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