Immanuel Normann | 2 May 17:07 2012

xproc example failure


I've just started to learn about XProc in eXist (Version: 1.4.2 SVN Revision: 16251)
by examples following http://localhost:8080/exist/xproc/examples.xml.

Unfortunately all these examples seem to raise the same error:

error found while loading module xproc: Error while loading module resource:net/xproc/xprocxq/src/xquery/xproc.xqm: error found while loading module std: Error while loading module resource:net/xproc/xprocxq/src/xquery/std.xqm: error found while loading module http: Error while loading module resource:org/expath/www/mod/http-client/http-client.xqm: err:XQST0033: Namespace prefix 'http' is already bound to a different uri ''

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