MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given | 12 Jul 00:05 2004

Re: attribute wildcards in open and extensible schemata

> As you might expect, I keep hitting that problem where having an 
> attribute wildcard creates a conflict with a declared attribute, and 
> quite frankly it's driving me up the walls.

Could you show me a small example of this problem?  Some of us might 
be able to think of a better workaround.

> Am I missing something? Is there a solution that I haven't thought of or 
> missed in Eric's book? If not, would it be possible in future versions 
> of RelaxNG to have something matching arbitrary attributes that haven't 
> been matched already? It would be truly helpful for this whole compound 
> documents shebang :)
> Or should I just give up and hop straight to NRL?

Although RELAX NG is intended to help schema modularization, I think that 
sophisticated use of namespaces require something like NRL.  It is expected 
to be approved as a Draft International Standard in September, 2004 at 



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